APPLICATION - Clean air and gas with dust loading below 50mg/m. Operating temperatures up to 400C subject to certain speed limitations. Selection pressures up to 3,5kPa. in the normal operating range. Practical volume flow rates up to 90Am/s

SIZE RANGE - 17 Standard sizes with impeller diameters from 315mm to 2000mm.

ARRANGEMENTS - Arr 1 Belt Drive, Arr 4 Direct Drive, Arr 5 Direct Coupled

DISCHARGE ANGLES - Standard angles of discharge, in 45 increments from 0 to 225.

IMPELLER DIAMETER RATIOS - This range is available in C diameter ratio only.

CLASSES OF CONSTRUCTION - Tip Speeds CI. 1: 50m/s, CI. 2: 63m/s, CI. 3: 80m/s

BALANCING - Impeller/shaft assemblies are Dynamically Balanced to International Standards to ensure Smooth, Vibration Free operation.

PERFORMANCE - Fans are tested in accordance with BS848: Part1:1980 Test Method C. Procedure verified by the C.S.I.R.