APPLICATION - Suitable for dust/particle laden air and gas and operating temperatures up to 600C, both subject to certain speed limitations. Selection pressures up to 19kPa. in the normal operating range. Practical volume flow rates up to 70Am/s

SIZE RANGE - 15 Standard sizes with impeller diameters from 400mm to 2000mm.

ARRANGEMENTS - Arr 1 Belt Drive, Arr 4 Direct Drive, Arr 5 Direct Coupled

DISCHARGE ANGLES - Standard angles of discharge, in 45 increments from 0 to 225.

IMPELLER DIAMETER RATIOS - Enables optimized selection by varying diameter ratios. A,B,C & D diameter ratios available.

CLASSES OF CONSTRUCTION - Tip Speeds CI. 4: 100m/s, CI. 5: 125m/s, CI. 6: 160m/s

BALANCING - Impeller/shaft assemblies are Dynamically Balanced to International Standards to ensure Smooth, Vibration Free operation.

PERFORMANCE - Fans are tested in accordance with BS848:Part1: 1980 Test Method C. Procedure verified by the C.S.I.R.